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Web Design VS. Web Development (What’s the difference?)

Building a website is more than simply sharing ideas and uploading a logo to represent your business and brand. Understanding what is involved in both web design and web development can help you with your next online venture that involves programming and design.

What is Web Design?

Web design is the designing of a website using frontend design programs and techniques. Web design may include choosing the layout, color scheme, logo size, and even the navigation setup of the website. A web designer typically focuses on how a user will see and experience a website on the surface.

A web designer is well-versed in responsive and mobile design and understands how to format a layout and integrate graphic elements without data loss or loss of quality. Web designers work with graphic design, color theory, and have an understanding of the importance of white space in all of their designs.

web design vs web development

What is Web Development?

Web development, while similar to web design, is typically referred to as the development of the backend of a website, as opposed to web design, which covers the frontend of a website’s appearance. Web development is used to create the backbone, or structure of the website. A web developer is well-versed in various programming and coding languages, depending on the type of website, application, or piece of software they are developing. Most often, a web developer’s job goes unseen and appears invisible, as the programming is done in the backend and in the background of a website’s editor.

What is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

Both web design and web development are used to create an online experience with the use of programming and plenty of visual elements and designs. However, web designers work with frontend programming languages that are immediately visible and apparent to a user who is browsing the web, such as HTML5, CSS, and even JavaScript. For web developers, their job consists of ensuring the website’s structure and formation is correct with the use of various languages, such as PHP, Java, C+, Ruby, Perl, and MySQL, among hundreds of others.

When you visit a website and you are met with a beautiful and striking design, this is due to the work of a web designer. When you register as a member of a website, upload photos of your own, or even use a website that allows you to manage an account of your own, you are using what a web developer has coded and created. Although a web developer’s work is not always as obvious or visually appealing, it is extremely important and necessary in order to build and sustain websites and applications online today.

Understanding the difference between web design and web development is imperative for anyone interested in building a website or even creating a business of their own. With apt knowledge of programming and development alongside web design, find the professionals and solutions you need to build the online presence you envision for your business or brand.

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